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About Academia

We are a team that is passionate about equipping children with the skills that they need for their educational journey.

The Founder.

“I believe that teaching needs to be tailored to students’ learning needs and their most suited learning style."

John is a dedicated individual who has a sincere concern for the education of our current students. He believes that his love for education comes from wanting to make a difference in his students’ lives.

Not everyone can listen to an instruction audibly and understand instantaneously what needs to be done. Some of us draw, some of us write and some of us need to view or apply the instruction in order to understand the concept. So why do we not take all of this into consideration when it comes to education?

As an experienced teacher, John continues to ignite the passion in individuals to grasp knowledge and understand concepts within a range of subjects. He believes that he is able to provide experiences where students can take pride in their learning, enjoy the satisfaction of their achievements and remain responsible for the choices that they make during their learning journey.

John is a graduate of a Bachelor of Education degree and most recently completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning). He has participated in multiple professional development workshops which covered the management of a variety of learning behaviours to better help his students.

Currently teaching at a local, state-integrated area school, John believes that one teaching method will not suit every students’ learning style and every child deserves a chance to be taught the way they learn. His passion for teaching alongside his zest for learning gives him the best combination to guide your children through their education experience.

John Caetano

“Making learning fun is my passion and specialty. When learning lacks joy, the whole experience feels more like a chore than a fun experience.”

Contact Number: 0211226706
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